Biking around Tuscany

Rio de Janeiro: 11 Sep 12

Bom dia!

We are planning a self-guided tour at Tuscany during the last week of May'2013 and
of course, we have lot...lot of doubts, mainly regarding how challenging are those roads,
as many of us are purely leisure bikers. One of our ideas is to stay aabout 3 days at Pienza,
and from there do 3 loop tours including Moltepuciano, Montalcino and others around, later
we would move to any city like Siena or even further on the way to Firenze, where again would
do 2 loops around.

Basos on such brief details would appreciate any help an dinformations, if at Pienza we easily can
rent good "hilling" bikes with 9/10 speed and if those roads are reasonable for regular bikers?
and where in Firenze we could try to buy BIANCHI bikes?

Really appreciate any information regarding such biking rods area?

many thanks

Drausio Leonardo


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Ciao Leonardo!
I apologize for not responding to your private message of some days ago, it has been a very busy week!

I think your choice of May for a biking trip in Tuscany is excellent, you should find sunny weather without the heat that is typical in July and August.

Biking around Pienza, in the "Val d'Orcia", is definitely doable if you are regular bikers, the roads are not too steep and because of this actually one of the most popular areas for cyclists. Of course, being in Tuscany, you have to be prepared for hills and up and downs, but that's part of the beauty of it.

As for renting a bike you could take a look here:[0]=Noleggi+bici+e+motocicli&Itemid=312&option=com_search_zoo&view=searchinfoutili&lang=it
I don't personally know but they seem to have good reviews and their website looks professional.

Since you are biking in that area, I would take a look at the "Eroica" route. The Eroica ( is a race for amateurs held every year on white roads, with old "period" bikes. The route is, in general, well marked and even if some parts of it might be challenging, you could consider including some parts of it in your itinerary. This is the complete route:

Regarding where to buy a Bianchi bicycle in Florence, you can see the authorized dealers on Bianchi's official website:

Hope I was of some help, it would be great if you let us know more about your ride or share your experience afterwards!