biking from Siena to Pisa


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We'd like to rent bicycles from Siena and ride to Pisa over 3-4 days. Is that possible? To rent in Siena and return in Pisa?
Is there any mechanical support for the bikes?
Is it possible to self guide the journey?
We are planning on making the journey beginning May 12 and ending in Pisa on the 16th.


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Renting bikes


I have done some research in the past for bike rentals and in most (I really believe it was all...) cases the person who rented the bike was responsible for bringing the bikes back - or there was a hefty surcharge for the pick-up.

Most places who rent in Tuscany are "mom-n-pop" places and not chain stores like a rental car would be, so they are not normally set-up to retrieve bikes in Pisa.

you could try contacting:

Buon Viaggio,

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Did you figure out whether you can get the bikes from Siena and return in Pisa?

You can definitely do on your own but you need to map out your route well.... maybe the best would be to follow the via Francigena parts from Siena to San Miniato, passing through San Gimignano.

Do you have your accommodation sorted out yet?