Birthday surprise - 3/4 days in Tuscany


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I would appreciate your advice on the organisation of 3/4 days travel in Tuscany, this will be my surprise for husband's birthday (40 y/o) on July 15th.

Initially the plan would be as follows:

July 13
Arrive at Milano
Spending the day discovering the city
Night in Milano

July 14

Tarvelling country side (in direction to Florence)- which please advise?
Spending day and 1 night there (could be wine tasting day and spending night in anice villa)

July 15- Birthday

Travelling to Florence on the way continuing country side discovery (with SPA procedures??)
BIRTHDAY EVENING - need interesting restaurants with music/ will try to get cake with his name and special candle (40)- please advise

July 16- travelling back to Milano(with different route?)

Travelling is possible with car rent.
Thank you in advance for your advice!!!
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Birthday surprise.


I love surprises!!

However just a bit confused. You say a day in Milan and the you are going to Florence? or is your first night in Florence.

If you are effectively arriving in Milan - then instead of renting a car, I would take an early train down to Florence an either rent a car there or explore the city. You can drive it but you will either have to do the autostrada - which isn't very fun or take back roads - but then you won't have time for Tuscany.

The fast train takes less than two hours, and you can pick-up a car near the train station and spend two full days in Tuscany. Before taking the train - or if you really want) the car - back to Milan.

Buon Viaggio,

Donna Denise