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Ciao Angela,

No - the Boboli Gardens ticket (which includes a few of the Pitti Palace museums) does not really require that you buy ahead of time, the ticket office there generally does not have a line. The line is after, when when you want to get in, since there is a metal detector to go through and that can get a little long. Totally depends on the time of the day - I've seen it quite long in the morning but there is no set rule, it really depends on chance, the day, the weather.... so I'd say to just go and see what you find. The ticket is valid for 3 days so you get the ticket and go back later in the day, if the line to get in were to be a bit long.


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will that apply even in August? (i.e. no need to buy ticket in advance). And which bits of the Pitti Palace are included with the Boboli gardens ticket please?


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Re: Boboli Gardens ticket

Hi Eleonors,

you don't need to buy tickets in advance for August, I'm pretty sure you won't have any problem getting in - August is high season but also a lot of Italians themselves go to the beach and are not in the city. Boboli and Pitti are museums that do get a good number of people but numbers fluctuate. You can get your tickets ahead of time if it makes you feel reassured but there is still a line to pass through the metal detectors so even with tickets, you'll have that (that line moves fast though).

With the ticket for the Boboli Garden (7€ normal , 3€ reduced) you can also enter the Museo degli Argenti, the Costume Gallery and the Porcelain museum, which are all part of the Pitti Palace Museum. The ticket is valid for 3 days so you can come back and see a different museum each day.

Enjoy Florence!


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Hello all :)
First of all I would like to introduce myself here as I'm a recently joined member here. My name is Hunter and I'm a gardening lover. Now coming to the topic, I don't know whats "Boboli Gardens" and where is it ???:confused:
But i am intrested to know more about it. :p


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definitely recommend visiting the Boboli gardens if you like gardening!

Ciao cooldude and welcome to our forum!

If you like gardens, you'll love the Boboli since it is one of the first Italian Renaissance gardens ever! With water fountains, lots of statues, hills and lots of hedges to create various spaces. Keep in mind that in the summer if it is hot and dry, some water is limited... so water fountains might be off, and grass might be more yellow than usual. Best times to visit are spring and fall ;-)

The gardens are pretty big, set up over a large hill but extending over various acres right behind the Palazzo Pitti. So prepare for a bit of a walk and hike. They are perfect when the weather is nice and not too hot or cold.
You can read more about them here: and see pics here:
The ticket to the Boboli gardens also includes some of the museums in the Pitti Palace, so plan to spend some time there between the gardens and palace so you can enjoy it better and not in a hurry!