Bologna or Arezzo


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We are renting a beautiful villa near Arezzo for a family celebration for a week. We are arriving in bologna two days early and staying three days after the villa week.
We are collecting a hire car in Bologna airport.
We would love some advice on how best to use our days particularly before and after the villa week.
It will be August so obviously the hottest and busiest time so we were wondering about taking a scenic tour and experiencing the countryside.
We will need accommodation for two nights before and three nights after the villa week.
We love natural countryside, beautiful buildings, wine, and are keen walkers.
We are new to the region so any advice would be absolutely brilliant!


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Before and after Arezzo


Arezzo is a great choice - and you are close to several national parks (like the one in Casentino or the trail "Sentiero della Bonifica" from Arezzo to Chiusi) so you will find plenty of time and space to walk or even bike the area.

I suggest that the two days before you stay at least one day in Bologna (no need for the car right away you can pick it up on the second day if you want). Bologna is very walk able and extremely friendly, I have been keeping tabs on them with the facebook page:

On the second day drive down to Arezzo going through Mugello, a great area to stretch your legs.

After Arezzo, you may enjoy looking into the Via Francigena which will take you from the north to the very south of Tuscany - and its hard to say which part is the best :p

Buon Viaggio,

Donna Denise