BRUNELLESCHI PASS entrance order


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Hi, I'm trying to decide the best time to book our visit to the Dome using the BRUNELLESCHI PASS, but I still have a question regarding the order that I can visit the attractions included in the pass.

Should I consider that I have to visit the Duomo first in order to validate my booked pass? Or can I, for example, buy the pass and book for 11am and arrive earlier to visit the Santa Reparata and the museum prior to the Duomo?

Thank you!


The Tuscan Expert ;-)
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Ciao Eduardo,

Yes, you can book a time the time to visit the cupola independent of the time you plan to visit the other monuments.
So you can activate the pass and visit any of the other sites ahead of the time you book the cupola for. Just remember that you have one entry per site so you can go back and visit the museum or the crypt if you’re rushed in time. So if you’re short on time, better to leave something for after and then not feel rushed during your visit to either what you do before or after the Cupola.