Bus 353a back to Florence


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Hi all,
I just stumbled onto this site.Looks to have some great information.Is anyone able to help, by confirming the following. We need to return to Florence on a Sunday ( 19th May ). I found a timetable for bus route 353a.Our bus stop is S.Donato Collina. Found a timetable page for 'festivo'. Google translate calls this 'holiday'. Would this be the Sunday schedule ? .....dont want to get stuck, i would not be popular :)
Thanks, Greig.


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festivi does mean holiday - and in Italy that does includes Sundays as well as national holidays.

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I have just returned to he forum and noted two replies to my question. Thznk you for replying to me.....i did not ignore your answers. My Italy planning has been ongoing for months. Just getting back to those unsure items now. Thanks, much appreciated. Greig