Bus from Greve


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I am looking to take the bus from Greve to Florence around 7 - 8am on a Thursday at the end of September. What is the best way to get tickets at that hour? How much does a 1 way ticket cost?

Which bus stop is the correct one in Greve, I noticed two on google maps?

Where is the best place to park in Greve?

Thank you in advance!


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You will want to take the bus number 365 (it will be the only one in the sqaure).

You can buy your ticket on the bus, but there is a surcharge. You can get the bus ticket the day before - just ask at any of the nearby bars or "tabbachi" - they normally sell the tickets.

There is parking BEHIND the Coop supermarket. There is a traffic light that (when you turn) will either take you into the square of Greve, or AWAY from the sqaure (via Ceseare Battista). Go away from the square and then take the first left, the road will climb a bit and you will see a parking lot on the LEFT hand side. The last time I used it is was free. There is a path that leads towards the city center, and brings you up behind the Coop supermarket follow this towards the main road and the bus stop is to your right (on the main road, practically next door to the COOP).

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