Bus with luggage

Liz R

New member
Is there a bus that goes to Grand Prato Villa & can we carry on large suitcase & 2 carry on bags?
I put in Grand Prato Villa into Google Maps and nothing came up, can you give me some more info? Where is it located? You posted in other destinations in Tuscany but the name didn't come up when I search across Tuscany. Let me know and I'll try to offer help.
Thanks for the address, that helps.
I’ve searched the bus website and they give no results whatsoever.
Google Maps says it is possible to get about 3.5km from there with combination of train and bus or just buses- take a look: https://maps.app.goo.gl/PxZBq8A8h1ksr2PN8?g_st=ic
But the bus still leaves you about a 40 min walk from the Villa. So maybe you should consider either a private driver to get you there or taxi considering you’ll have luggage or rent a car and driving there yourself. How many days will you be there? Consider that if it is this hard to get to, how will you move around from there if you want to sightsee. So maybe renting a car might be a good idea.