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My questions for when my wife and I will be in Florence Sep 1-5:
1) Is it difficult to get a taxi from the airport to the hotel in the city (Via Sguazza 1, Palazzo Pitti) around 3:30 PM? Is it easy to find a taxi stand?
2) How can we get a bus to the American Cemetery south of the city?
3) Is it easy to get a sim card and cash at the airport?
Thanks in advance for your help.


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getting around Florence


You will have no problems getting a taxi at the airport there are always some waiting. I just took a cab in May from the airport to the train station (so to the city center of Florence) and it was 25€ ... remember it costs a bit extra when you have luggage.

As for the War Cemetery you can contact florence@abmc.gov and give them you hotel address and they will get right back to you with information on how to arrive as well as assist you in finding any information or grave while you are there. They are very helpful and speak English. It is well worth the email to let them know you are arriving. I spoke with Firenzo and he will be looking for your email.

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I haven't seen a TIM shop or other carrier at the airport (it is a small airport), but there are ATMs to get cash.
I would suggest getting downtown and going for a walk - there are many mobile shops and they will have a SIM prepaid card you can buy for your unlocked phone.

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Buses and Taxis: During Holidays?

Hi, we will be joining a group some days after we arrive on Epiphany--in January. Should we arrive with currency to pay a taxi to take us to our hotel in Florence from the airport? Would we expect to find taxis waiting at the airport on such a major holiday? Or could we possibly schedule a taxi (or driver) in advance?

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Yes, arrive with some euro to cover taxi cost.
There is an ATM at the airport so you can also get some there - there is likely to be a cost for withdrawal so the strategy when taking money out from ATMs is to take out as much as you can. The problem with the ATM at the airport is that it might be low on funds or limit the amount so that it doesn't get too low on funds. So better to arrive with some to get downtown, then take out more euro to carry around for small expenses at any ATM you find.

As for taxis, there are always taxis at the airport, no matter if it is a holiday - people still and do travel, especially on holidays! So there is no need to arrange for one ahead of time :D


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Credit card in the Taxi


Lots of taxis will also accept a credit card BUT be sure to tell them right up front that you will be paying with a card...if they give you a hassel you can try and tell them ... "this is all I have." Credit cards take a percentage, so even though shops and services can take a credit card - they don't like to because they lose money.

Tip them in cash - not on the card ;.) that's just a common courtesy, cash is always welcome.

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