Buses from Florence to Artigiani?


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I am arriving on a Saturday at the airport at noon, I can take a shuttle to the bus station apparently. I need to meet up with my daughter in Artigiani who is on her way from Pisa to Panazano. How often do those buses run? How do I know which one to take. I would go directly to Panazano on a bus by myself but it doesn't leave until 5:30PM I believe.

Also how long does it take to get thru customs in Florence? Thanks for any info you can give me.Ann


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Go to Google Maps and map the route you want to take.

It suggests bus 37 from Florence.

You can see the bus schedules here: http://www.piubus.it/Linee_e_Orari/Linee_Extraurbane/L/212

Why Artigiani? It is a small town, if she is on her way along the route, you'll find more buses going to the larger towns - Ginestra Fiorentina or Empoli. If they are passing through there, you can take the bus shuttle to SMN train station and the train to Empoli (many options, check trenitalia.com for timetable).

In August, on a Saturday, service to Artigiani will be more limited than to other towns so train would be a better option.

As far as customs go... if you have nothing to declare, it is really fast! The wait time is to get your luggage down from the plane and onto the carousel... once you pick it up, have nothing to declare, you're out in less than 3 minutes. The airport is really quite small.

You can pick up the bus shuttle outside the airport and buy the ticket from the driver.