Buying a business in Italy


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Hi,I'm new on here and I'm wondering if anyone has some useful information regarding buying a business in Italy as an australian resident. This would involve buying the existing business and taking over the operations as opposed to the actual property.
I know this isnt Tuscany specific at this point, but I'm looking at small businesses for sale across all regions of Italy. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

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I don't think this is quite the forum for this sort of query nor does it appear that you have a clear idea of what you are looking for nor have you done sufficient research so far.

If you are Australian and familiar with business you will know the big 4 accounting firms as well as smaller firms with international connections. You should start with one of them and get an introduction to speak to one of their local offices in Italy where they will always be staff who can speak English. This excludes the issue of you being an Australian resident apparently wanting to take up residence in Italy I presume to run the business yourself. Taking up residence in Italy would obviously be simplified if you already hold an EU passport but you will still need guidance.

By the way all the big firms have publications accessible on their websites - Doing business in Italy. Taxation in Italy. etc (or similarly called depending upon which site you download from. I would start here.

Bear in mind that, especially for someone not familiar with Italy, doing business here involves a lot of hard work and time dealing with the public administration which is anything but user-friendly.


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I had somehow missed this post, but I agree, we are not the experts on this particular topic and you might find more useful information by starting to research whether there are problems to doing business as an Australian citizen abroad.

I know there were problems in buying property for Australian citizens but I think that no longer is the case.... but as for business - and across all of Italy - it is a very general question that I can't help you much with, sorry!