Buying a villa to rent

Can anyone tell me if this forum deals with questions about buying property to rent in Tuscany?

If not can anyone direct me to a more appropriate forum please.

My husband and I are semi retired and want to invest in a modest property (possibly something needing a degree of refurbishment) in Tuscany to provide a holiday home for ourselves and our family and also to rent out. We have been on holiday in Northern Tuscany several times but this is a whole new experience for us and we don't really know where to start. There seem to be a thousand and one questions. What are the best areas for rental properties? What areas are best avoided? What are the hidden costs (eg. utilities, keyholder and maintenance, cleaning, taxes etc. etc. etc.).

Can anyone here please?


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Real estate in Tuscany

Good morning sognatore Toscana,
to be honest this forum does not deal with questions about real estate.

Buying and selling property in Italy is not easy. I could recommend to get in touch with professional real-estate agents.

In the meanwhile you can also read some useful information here.

Congratulations on your decision
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Grazie mille Fabrizio. It is very kind of you to attach the link to that information. I have saved a copy of it and I am sure it will be very useful to us during the coming weeks/months.