Buying Florence museum tickets online


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Dear all,

A question regarding booking tickets online for museums in Florence

Most of the sources indicate this website for buying online tickets:

However, this one seems to be the official web site for online ticket sales (and prices are cheaper here…) – but this seems to be very little known…

What would you suggest?

Futhermore, one more question: if I buy these online tickets do I manage to avoid the lines at the museums?



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I can answer your last question
Be in line BEFORE the door opens. Be there about 30 minutes early!
Buy a Firenze card. But for climbing the dome, Accademia, and Uffizi, you still need to be there at least 15 minutes before they open. From my experience, the Firenze card will help you avoid all other lines.
(you don't have to buy it online, you can get it at an IT office when you get to Florence, preferably the day BEFORE you plan to start using it.)


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Oops, had missed this question! Thanks Melany for offering tips on the lines.

As far as the online booking for museum tickets - the museums themselves have created a confusing system.
They DON'T sell museum tickets directly AT ALL.
They have "chosen" b-ticket as the "official reseller" for museum tickets but at the same time also allott tickets to other vendors, which are legitimate businesses, for selling museum tickets. The total number of tickets are thus DIVIDED among all of the vendors, including b-ticket... So b-ticket themselves can run out of tickets for a certain date and time, but another vendor have their allotted tickets still available. IF you are in Florence for a day and need tickets for that day and a particular time, you can buy tickets off other sites if you don't find them available on b-ticket and be secure in knowing they are legit! is one of the top vendors of Florence museum tickets and completely legitimate but, of course, the tickets end up costing a bit more because of the extra booking commissions. This system has been created by the museum organization here in Florence (the Polo Museale) that manages the state museums, including the Uffizi and Accademia.

To make things complicated, the Firenze Card, for example, is not sold by them but by the City of Florence.... so I think there are commissions in there as well since you don't buy directly from the museums, you just don't see them.

Anyways - our website has partnered with to sell museum tickets in Florence and other tours in Tuscany.... so if you buy your tickets through this link:
you'll be giving a small bit of support to our website and this forum!! We appreciate any support anyone offers :)

As far as the lines, advance tickets do make you avoid the general line into the museums - but even in these special entrances, lines form because the museum only allows entrance every 15 minutes. So you might find a line there, but rest assured you'll get in quickly with the next batch of visitors are let in.
Also long lines form principally at the Uffizi and Accademia - most of the other museums have very manageable short lines. And yes, the Firenze Card allows visitors to skip lines but at the Uffizi they still have to wait for the next batch of visitors allowed in along with the others in the "prebooked" entrance.