Buying tickets for the Duomo in Florence, Siena and Pisa.


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Ciao Tuttu bene?

I am travelling with 11 other people in a few weeks to Tuscany. I'd like to be able to cut the waiting in line for entrance tickets to the Duomo and dome in Florence. Also the Dumo of Siena and Pisa.
Can I do this online now?



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Buying your tickets online.


Absolutely you can purchase your tickets in advance for both places.

Check out this article for details and the link for the Duomo of Siena


For the Duomo of Florence, I suggest you look at this link for the perfect opportunity to skip the lines at the Duomo, walking up to the top of the Cupoloa, bell tour, bapistry and a visit to the newly restored Museum for the Duomo (personally I think it is a must see in Florence) - plus quite a few extra surprises:

Buon Viaggio,
Donna Denise

PS if you are going to Pisa - get those tickets now! space is limited and on a first come / first serve bases...they might alreayd be booked for when you were thinking about going.