Cake Shop In Tuscany ?


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Cake Shop in Florence


Are you looking for Italian styled cakes?

or are you looking for a special occasion cake (like an English or American style wedding cake)?

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Donna Denise


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Cake to celebrate


if you are looking for an English/American style cake with the fancy sugar decorations I suggest you contact Janice - I have tasted her cakes and seen her fabulous decorations ( )

if you are looking for something distinctly Italian one of my favourite bakeries is Marcello on vile Europa.

Buona Torta!

Donna Denise


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More than anything you need to walk into any pastry shop here in Florence/Tuscany and take a look at what you like.
And see what Donna means by "distinctly Italian" -- which means generally puff pastry, cream, chocolate and/or fruit on top.

They are distinctly NOT any type of sponge sort of high "cake".

In general, they aren't cheap but they are VERY GOOD. So I would suggest, like Donna was, to try Marcello (it is big so have lots of options) and seeing what you like. You can get a cake custom ordered to your size within a day or two.