Calcio storico fiorentino


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Yesterday I went to calcio storico final.
I read in this site that tickets could have bought also before the beginning of the race.
But it is untrue. The tickets are sold only at the Box Office in via Carceri.
So they were sold out and we couldn'thave seen the race.
Please correct the information in your site for next time.


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This year the rules were changed and they made it only possible to buy tickets at the box office.... then tickets were sold out by last Thursday, so even if you had gone to the box office, there were no longer any tickets. I am sorry you were unable to see the match live, I hope you managed to still enjoy the parade and the fireworks!


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I think it was pretty clear from recent postings that the ticket selling process changed this year probably due to resale operations exploiting the system in the past. Good on Florence for this change as, just like the Palio of Siena, this is still very much a local event attended by locals.

Expecting to fining a ticket on the day of the final is somewhat naive. Would you expect to turn up at the ticket office at the Superbowl final and get a ticket or at the World Cup final or Wimbledon final?