Calcio Storico


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When I read about this event, (Calcio Storico) and looked at videos, it sounded like such fun! One post mentioned that the games are held in mid-June and December, but I can find no mention anywhere else of the December event. Is there any guidance you may be able to provide? Is there even a "mini" Calcio Storico held in December? If so, when?


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The main Calcio Storico games are in June, in the two weeks leading up to June 24th celebrations for St. John the Baptist, patron saint for Florence. You can read more about it here:

There are no mini events in December, unfortunately.

There is often a "remembrance" calcio storico played by the senior, retired players of Calcio Storico in February, maybe that is the one you found reference to. There are a few other games done for charity, but they aren't fixed and are often in spring or summer. Not ever seen anything in December. Piazza Santa Croce actually hosts a Christmas market in this period, so the playing field would not be open for a game of calcio storico.