Campo di Marte - hotel and car rental - vs SMN


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we will be in Italy on business. Myself is coming from Genoa. My husband will be in Florence where we plan to meet, rent a car and go to Umbria.

I can after work in Genoa and see only one direct train 19:07 which goes direct to Campo di Marte. I am only familiar with Santa Maria Novella but all trains from Genova to SMN are changing in Pisa, So after long day direct train to Firenze seems the best way to do it.

How far is Campo di Marte from historica center. Is it easy to get taxi? I am a woman traveling alone..

Also next morning we are renting a car and leaving Florence.

I am looking for easy way for us to meet and stay overnight (husband finishing business meeting same day I arrive in the evening, so we can rent a hotel somewhere convenient for us to meet and take rental car next day without hassle in ZLT .
On the other side, husband ending his buisness trip in the morning, same day I arrive in the evening. He will need to rent 1 night hotel for 2 of us. He still want to see a bit of Florence during that day.
Therefore need convenient place to :
1. sightsee florence for husband on his own
2. to arrive for myself from Genoa evenig
3. overnight 4*3* hotel - not sure location
4. next morning not far fron rental car location to leave city.

Appreciate any help from local experts.


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Traveling to Campo di Marte


I totally agree that after a long day - you don't want to be thinking about changing trains. Campo di Marte is a tranquil area and it is not that far from the city center for site seeing. It is in a nice area for a calm relaxing meal You can look at this hotel, which is close by and caters to a lot of business travellers so they are ready to answer your questions about getting around : Hotel Astor

However, as far as picking up a rental car there isn't too much in that area...actually I checked with the hotel so if you stayed here you would need to go to the airport with a taxi (which means you skip all the ZTL and you are close to the highway for going to Perugia) or stay closer to the city center for a pick up near via Borgo Ognisanti. I will give you a heads up though, traffic around the train station SMN has slowed down quite a bit since they have re-routed with the buses - that scares me more than the ZTL zones !! :p

Buon Viaggio,

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