Can I park car at one of the shopping outlets and train/bus it into Florence?


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Hi, Me and my 2 sisters are taking our mother to Tuscany for 5 days for her 70th birthday. One of the things we want to do is go shopping in one of the outlets around the Reggello area. We will be staying just 2.5km outside of Reggello and we will have a hire car. I was thinking it may be an idea to park there and catch a bus into Florence. Does anyone know if that is possible? Failing that I'm guessing the outlet area will easily monopolise a whole day and therefore we won't have time to go onto Florence that day. So a separate enquiry would be, Is there anywhere we can park in the outskirts of Florence and then catch the bus or train in to Florence, I don't want to be troubled with hassles of Parking in the city centre.


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parking in Florence

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Yep, the shopping mall is pretty big so I'd just plan a whole day there :) that way you don't have to be in any hurry to get somewhere else.

There are buses from the mall to Florence but the aim is to get people there and back to Florence, so schedules are for late mornings to get there and early evenings to come back... might not work the best with your schedule and to get back to the mall late in the evening.

I agree with just planning to drive to Florence and parking away from the center, that way you don't deal with possibly going into the dreaded ZTL area - here's an entire article showing the various parking lots:
so you can actually get pretty close to the center and just walk in. Coming from Reggello, the best option would be the parking lots at Piazza Beccaria and right next to it the one called San Ambrogio. The one in Viale Europa is also convenient, but requires catching a bus downtown while the others are walking distance into the center. The free one at the Piazzale can get very packed, and you might have to hunt down a space, there is a lot of turnover if you want to try that one... the walk down the hill is not tough, but remember you'll have to climb back up! :)