Car Hire from SMN station and the ZTL?


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Can anyone answer a stupid question.......

We are arriving in Florence at the SMN station and need to hire a car. We are not staying in Florence and therefore intended to drive North from the SMN and thus avoid the ZTL that way.

However all the car hire places I can find seem to be on Via Borgognissanti, which is within the ZTL (if I'm reading the map right).

So my question is - how you do hire a car from the SMN and not drive in the ZTL illegally when all the pick up points for car hires are already in the ZTL?

Many thaks.


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Not a stupid question at all! Since the cars are within the ZTL area, they do have permits to be in there but they are temporary permits that allow the car to drive in and out to their location and that is it. So once you go to pick up the car, make sure to ask them to map out the way to get out of the ZTL and on the way to where you are heading. There are so many one-way streets in the center, it is likely that the best way to get going to your destination will already have you leave the ZTL area so you shouldn't have any problems in that regard!

So not a dumb question at all - and hope my answer makes sense!