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Hello from Tasmania, Australia,
We are travelling to the Tuscany region mid Feb and staying at Club Wyndham:- Karma Borgo de Colleoli resort, Via Panoramica, 20, Colleoli – 56036, Palaia ( PI ), Italy.
We will be coming from Rome via train, we'd like to organise a hire car on the way and drive to the resort, any advice on the best location (town/city) to pick up a car (I don't fancy driving from Rome), I'm sure once we're in the region we'll be able to work out some great things to do but any advice on must see's at that time of year would be appreciated.



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Your best option is probably catching the train to Florence and then pick-up your car in Florence. I'm not sure it would be worth the cost to pick up a car in Pisa, you will have to change trains, ecc.

There are several major road options to go from Florence towards Pisa and you will find that there are several car rental options close to the train station with (fairly) easy access to the main highways.

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I agree with Donna in that you can take train to Florence and rent the car in Florence. In addition to the rental places near the train station, which are right on the border of the ZTL area, you can consider renting out of the airport in Florence.
You would just need to take the T2 tram line from right in front of the train station to the airport and, if you rent from there, it might be easier to return it elsewhere such as the Pisa Airport. You don't mention whether you'll have to do the inverse route on return or not.

As far as what to do in February - all of the suggestions as to the main sights and places to visit generally recommended work year round so you can head to all of the main towns for sightseeing, including Florence, Siena, Pisa and Lucca, as well as wine tastings and museum visits to places in smaller towns. Nothing closes, other than some places are much slower. I've only seen some farmhouses close in this period if they can't afford the heating costs vs occupancy but that's not a worry for you seeing as you already have a place to stay. In addition, some restaurants and ice cream parlors and such might take some vacation time in this period (but not for longer than a week or two) since they work all summer long non-stop. You will always find options! I would just caution you to call ahead and make sure places are open - and to book, to ensure that they will remain open or to open for you!

For February specific events, take a look at this page:
(we are working on updating it right now - but it should give you an idea already, check it back like in a week to have updated info).
The main event in this period will be the carnival parades, in Viareggio above all, on the weekends. Also note most events take place on weekends.