Car in Suvereto?


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This is not a broad topic question, but rather a specific question for one town. Is there parking in Suvereto? We're staying in Panzano, will have a car, and would love to spend a day in Suvereto. Searched online for information about this, and although I found lots of fascinating facts about Suvereto, none answered my question about parking! Many thanks for any help.


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Not a problem at all, thankfully we are based here in Tuscany and have done some traveling and exploring so I can answer your question with a most definite and positive YES!!! Suvereto has a large parking lot, all things considered, made of several levels, along the side of a hill. We've been several times so I remember it. I've dropped a pin on this map so you can see it:
You arrive in town almost to the gate, turn left and further ahead turn left. Entrance to the lot is on the left just a bit down, entrance is not well marked so take a look at the STREET VIEW so you can see what I mean as far as entrance and levels go ;-).

Suvereto is a lovely medieval town, we really enjoyed it. We've gone several times back to just eat at the Locanda delle Stelle when we've stayed in the area, it's close to the main entrance gate. Here's the pin: for that, it is open for both lunch and dinner.

Just as general tip as far as parking goes, most of the towns have small parking lots as soon as you arrive in any town, or right after. Generally this accommodates cars arriving in either direction, so if you miss the first keep going and you'll either find another or have to turn back and go back to it. Just start looking for "P" signs that will signal where to go find the lots. Because street parking does exist but is generally reserved for residents, the lots are generally outside of the historical centers and, therefore, as soon as you are getting close to the town or barely arrive into town limits, you will find these signs. Follow them and then walk in (generally short walks as they are small towns).

The signs with "P" are always on a blue background and can also be quite small.... this is the one in Suvereto indicating the parking lot... see, its right in the middle of a bunch of other signs, but most times they are bigger and on their own. See below.

Some examples for Panzano. This is the view as you arrive in Panzano from Greve, you are barely registering you've arrived because the sign for the start of the town limit is right after this blue P sign on the right, but the P sign is already telling you the parking lot is to the left. Yes, the parking is that driveway immediately on the left after that sign. They don't offer much warning or indication of how far the lot is, if you see a sign immediately think it is the direction you have to follow. If this were to be full, there are more lots further on. We've often missed the turns we want because signs are like this, really last minute, so you might have more options further on, or have to make a turn somewhere and go back. It isn't always easy to know this ahead of time, so just be prepared to drive around in circles (also lots of one way streets across Italy and Tuscany).

Here's another sign for parking in Panzano (that street on the right is the street where the famous Dario the butcher from Panzano is located). It's a one way street and a bit narrow. Anyways, just some examples so you know what to look for! Let me know if you need any more help :D.