Car Parking - Piazza d'Azeglio


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Hello everyone,

I am feeling slightly overwhelmed by planning family trip to Florence in February. There will be 9 of us in total, eldest early 70s and frail and the youngest is 10.

We fly in / out of Pisa.

I have looked at transfers etc but i think for our family circumstances i am tempted to hire and drive a minivan.

I have 2 main concerns about this.

1. ZTL - i am not sure if i will be entitled to drive to my Air B&B apartment at Piazza d'Azeglio without incurring a fine. We will be arriving on a Wednesday afternoon.
2. Where would you suggest i park the mini-van once i have dropped off my family? I probably won't require it again for a few days.

If anyone is able to assist, i would be very grateful.

Many thanks