Car Rental Drop off in Italy


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I am flying into Venice this June for about 3 days, then I want to explore Tuscany (maybe Sienna and Florence) for about 3 more before heading to Salzburg, with final destination in Zurich. I am assuming the drop-off fees from Italy to Zurich would be huge, but I much prefer having a car than train. We love to explore the non-tourist towns. Any suggestions about how to get to all these places (12 days total) the most economically? I have thought about renting the car and dropping it off as close to the border as possible near Salzburg, then taking a bus or train just into the city. While is Tuscany, we would like a farm-stay if you have any suggestions or rent a room with a local.


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Car Drop Off


I get what you say when you like to have your own car to move around - but the fees can definitely be high. If you absolutely must have a car - then try to leave it in Italy but as close to the border as you can to save on the expense.

If you are looking for some budget places to stay in Italy check on this list for hostels in Tuscany.

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