Car rental from Florence to Siena


Hello Everyone,

Unfortunately neither of us can drive a stick shift and would therefore need an automatic car.

Is there a car rental available for an automatic car, preferably where I could reserve online, beforehand? I just would like to avoid risk showing up to the car rental agency and being told there are no automatic vehicles available and then needing to quickly readjust our plan.

Also, is there a car rental location available just outside the Florence city limit? This would be to avoid needing to drive in the busy Florence historic center.

Thanks again to everyone for all of your help.

If the above isn't really an option, I suppose the only choice left is to hire a private driver for the day. The downside being that we wont have the flexibility of stopping, strolling and visiting at our pace.


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Car rentals in Tuscany


Though most rental cars offer a stick shift as the first option, you can request an automatic. The downside is that they will tell you right up front that they can't promise a standard gear car. However, in talking to guests, this seems to be more of the problem during high season, when many tourists are renting cars and to be quite honest, Italy has moved with the times and are accommodating more and more people with automatic cars. :cool:

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The second link Donna put above has tips on where to rent in Florence, although you can also rent outside the center and at the airport. The links on that article will show the locations across the city.
Like she said, if you're not visiting in the high season it is likely that you can reserve an automatic car for sure, as there are many requests for automatics so they do have them!

Were you thinking about renting for 1 day and make your way down to Siena, stopping along the way and returning the car by the end of the day?

If you do get a private driver, that's actually part of the service you can request: ask to be driven with stops along the way, even for wine tastings or for photos :D in the case of tastings, it would be better to have someone else drive, don't you think? ;)


Car for 6 people with driver

We will be in Florence at the beginning of August. We are four adults and 2 kids (6,8). We would like to go on a day trip to Pisa and Siena. How much is reasonable to budget for the car with a driver? Where is the best place to rent the car.

Thanks. Eva