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Hi we are flying into Florence and thinking of picking up a rental car at airport to go to San Gimignano or at least start heading there. First night of iternary is still opened but after staying in San Gimignano we are suppose to be driving rental car back to Florence because we need to take train to cinque terre. Should we return car back to Florence airport or by train station in Florence. What is easier or if anyone has a better suggestion on what to do. Also what is best company to rent car from and what is the name of location if we take it by the train station. Thanks any help would be great Michele


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You could look at picking a car up in Florence and then leaving it in Pisa - where you can pick up the train for CT. In this way, you won't be back tracking, you save an hour of a train ride and can enjoy driving thru Impruneta, Greve in Chianti, Panzano, Castellina, Monteriggioni over to San Gimignano. Then the next day you can also explore Certaldo, San Miniato or Volterra the next day bringing you close to Pisa.

Here is an idea for a one day itinerary.

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