Car Storage


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Hi! I'm looking to keep 5 cars somewhere close to Florence for 3 months over the summer. Ideally we need a covered, secure location. Does anyone have any recommendations of garages etc that do long term storage?

Thanks so much!


The Tuscan Expert ;-)
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Oh that's a difficult one for so long, but I am pretty sure most garages outside of the center would be more than glad to offer the service.

Off the top of my head, I'd recommend contacting these two:

They are companies that own several garages each, some in the center and others just outside. Between either, they have the space for 3 cars so they might have each at a separate location. In any case, they all are COVERED and always have personnel so they'd also be secure.
Let us know whether they offer a good price for those 3 months, I'd be interested in knowing how well they are in offering customized services and how they respond to queries such as yours. Hope you find the right place for you!