Carnival Sunshine cruisers want to share excursion October 30 in Florence


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We will be on the Sunshine porting in Livorno October 30. Looking for 4-6 to join an excursion (local tour group we used before, Simply Firenze) and split the costs. It would be much cheaper than the ships excursions.

Not interested in Pisa (been there before) or Winery tour.

We want to see the David (missed that last time) for sure. Otherwise, pretty open to what the guide suggests for past guests.

I will post the iteninary tomorrow and costs. We are 2 gals from Florida (50 ish) ready to walk the sites! This is our second trip to Europe in 2 years.

Happy Cruising!:cool:


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Sounds like fun! Definitely post the itinerary and costs so others can evaluate the proposal - if I see anyone posting on here about being interested in a cruise, I'll point them here and to the dates so that if they haven't booked, they can consider it!