Castellina in Chianti - FAttoria Tregole OR Una Palazzo place/area


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Any opinion on which would be better? we are planning to be there for 4 days, cooking class, winery, and probably a day to Cinque Terre.....
another option is Podere Campriano, in Chianti Classico...
Really having a hard time picking though I am sure any would work - any thoughts?


The Tuscan Expert ;-)
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Chianti is great for visiting Tuscany, including Florence and Siena

Ciao Aldroe,

The three lodgings you mention are all located pretty centrally in Tuscany - Castellina, Montaione and Greve in Chianti. So all would work well for visiting the area (including Florence and Siena) and for doing a cooking class/wine tastings/winery tours since you're in the heart of wine country . You don't say whether you've already been to Tuscany in the past - since 4 days are pretty short, I am not sure I'd include Cinque Terre in there if you haven't....

If this is your first visit, I'd recommend visiting Siena and Florence before heading out of Tuscany for a day.... but if you've already been, then ok - just consider it will be a long day out and best done in the middle of the four days rather than the last if you're driving back (unless you're moving on to the Cinque Terre on the way to somewhere else in Italy, then it would make perfect sense to go there on the last day, sleep there and then continue on to your next destination)...