caterers for wedding in cortona villa

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Hi all,

I'm planning my wedding for around 25 guests, September 2011 in Cortona.
As I already have a wedding planner, but I'm not entirely happy with the prices quoted for the wedding reception.

Do you have any other suggestions for caterers? Our budget is €80 - €90 per person, and I'm getting quotes well over this!

A 3 course meal, with appetisers, wine, sparkling wine, table service at the villa, set up of tables and table service. a wedding cake also.

Any help would be fantastic



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caterers for wedding in Cortona

Hello Shiv,
congratulations on your upcoming wedding! :)

As for the prices, as you are experiencing, they can vary and are in general high.
Every quotation depends on total courses, beverages, service, etcetera.

You may get in touch with the following wedding planner or with this one, just to see how much they estimate for your wedding and then you can make up your mind consequently.

Moreover, you can read some useful info I found on TripAdvisor website regarding wedding and its costs in Tuscany, just to hear other people's opinions.

Hope this helps.

Good luck and congratulations once again!



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another suggestion....

Ciao Shiv,

You might also contact this Preludio restaurant in Cortona that offers catering service including table service and table ware.... being local they might give you different rates than what you've been seeing so far.

Keep in mind what each estimate you've seen includes - tables and chairs might come from another company that the caterer uses, so another might offer a lower cost without those included.

good luck!


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Have a great wedding catering company like Peter Rowland in Tuscany? I really like the style and warmth that they have.

Can anyone recommend me something please?
I think your budget is too low. In my opinion you can contact with wedding planner they will plan everything perfectly according to your budget.
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