Cell/WIFI/SIM and using WAZE GPS on our cell phone to help avoid the ZTL

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A different question for you in regards to cellular (cell phone). What would you recommend for buying a prepaid SIM card, preferably with unlimited data? Is public Wi-Fi readily available in the Chianti area? We are staying in Greve, we'll have our elderly parents so we will have a rental car. We hope to use our WAZE GPS app on our phones while driving. We will be in Tuscany for a week. When we visited London a couple of years ago, we stopped in a small cell phone shop and they sold us pre-paid SIM cards that were on a monthly plan with unlimited data. Even though we were there for only a week, it was still more economical to purchase the monthly plan. It was on the "Three" network. If there's different cellular carriers in Italy, do you know which one might be the best? We live in NYC, it looks like we may be flying into Pisa, maybe buy a SIM card at the airport? We would be using it more for a signal than making actual telephone calls.
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Wi-FI is available but spotty and public Wi-Fi is almost non-existent... it is private businesses doing most of the offering to customers.

The only bad thing about GPS is that I haven't seen any of them identify ZTL areas! They will actually tell you to go into the ZTL is you put in an address there, without warning you.

So don't depend on the GPS to guide you all the way to destination - keep a close eye on the road and check road signs. All towns have signs with a large P indicating parking. As long as you follow those, they generally will keep you out of ZTL areas. Even in Greve, you can't drive into the main piazza... but that's fine, because the large P signs take you in the opposite direction to a large parking lot nearby.
Most towns in Tuscany have a ZTL in the historic part of town - they just want to limit traffic (and parking) there. As long as you keep turning away from those signs at intersections, you should be able to avoid them!