Certaldo to San Gimignano or...?!?


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Buongiorno! I am staying in Certaldo for a couple days in July and have been trying to decide a short day trip to San Gimignano or perhaps another nearby town of interest on a Sunday. Since I find the bus schedules difficult to follow, does anyone know if bus service is reliable between Certaldo and San Gimignano, or would it be better to take the train to some other town? Grazie! :cool:


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San Gimignano is close to Certaldo so yes, local buses are definitely available.....
having said that, consider that while there are direct ones, there are additional possibilities (as Sundays there is always reduced service) if you first head to Poggibonsi (which you can get to from Certaldo by train and not just by bus) and from there catch the bus to San Gimignano.... Poggibonsi and S.G. are very well connected!