Chianti Cooking Class!


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Hello again (I just previously posted a thread about driving to Chianti/Siena)!

I was also interested in seeing what input and suggestions you have regarding a cooking school/class while we're visiting. A single class would be sufficient :). I have found IT Cooking, Toscana Mia, and there is one offered at Castello di Fonterutoli (where we would consider staying). Please let me know your suggestions.

Thank you!!!


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Just answered your other post right now, make sure to check that thread as well!

OH - We just had a bottle of Chianti Classico from Castello di Fonterutoli last night, what a coincidence! :)

How long of a cooking class are you interested in? I highly recommend them, they are a fun and interesting experience to enjoy when in Tuscany. If you do stay at the Castello, a class there would just be very practical. Although you can take a cooking class while you're in Florence, too - or both ;-). You could end up doing completely different dishes and learn lots. I haven't particularly heard anything on the others, but there really are lots of schools and trained chefs/cooks offering cooking classes nowadays as they are very popular. The important thing is to see whether they are offered by a trained cook/chef and whether they offer menus that you'll enjoy learning to then do back home. I interviewed Fiamma and Ginny, for example, you live in Florence and do classes in their homes but who also travel to wherever you are (you do need to have a kitchen where you're staying) and they'll do the lesson there. They are both trained and fun ladies to spend half a day with so I do recommend them. You can read more about them here: These are private courses so will be more expensive than group lessons - you can also do those (or try both) and still have lots of fun! Here are some in Florence that we offer through our partner Viator:


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Thank you so much! Very helpful! I'll look at your links. I'll make sure to reply back once we've decided so you can give good suggestions to future travelers. :)