Chianti & Hot Springs


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Hello, I would like to know if it’s ok to go to the hot springs at San Filippo in August? How far is the hot springs from Chianti? How much it will cost to rent a car from Florence to San fillipo? Are there any other activities or places to visit in this area as we will be staying in Florence 3 days? Thank you


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Hot Springs in August

Buongiorno -

Absolutely visit the hot springs in August. BUT they will be packed. I love Bagno San Filippo and I have been several times in various moments of the year, and even packed I enjoyed the visit. Read more here:

However, you also look at something just a bit closer to Florence which offers lots of extra services, like Asmana Wellness World. I have been here too, and it was well worth the visit.

As for where to rent a car, check out this link for some ideas and useful info:

If you do decide to renta a car then I would check out these itinerary ideas and incorporate some of them in your visit in the southern tip of Tuscany and this is a great time to do some wine tasting in the area.

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