Chianti ITALY: Villa on 8/31/2019 - 9/7/2019


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I am planning on hosting a 50th year wedding anniversary for a guest of 31 and would like to rent a private villa with at least 25 Bedrooms in the Chianti region.
Accommodation could be for 13 doubles & 5 singles (or more).

I would like to be near a small town to access the train that allows us to travel to Florence, Bologna, Siena, etc.

The date of check is on 8/31/2019 to 9/7/2019 check out.

Please let me know if you have any and all Villa recommendations for this celebration.

I truly appreciate this.




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Ciao Cristiano,

We don't have info on availability so you will need to contact each of the properties you like and ask for availability for those dates.

I searched for places that can sleep at least the 31 people you have, not necessarily just private villas.
Many of these are villas that are not necessarily one building but several buildings set up as apartments that can host the entire group even as a private set up if you were to take up the entire property -- take a look and see whether you like any of them: