Chianti/Tuscany with pre-teens


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Hello Lourdes
You were very helpful in a previous posting I submitted about the ZTL in Florence so I thought I would ask for your assistance again.

I will be in Chianti with my husband and two nieces (age 11 and 13) in late June. Can you suggest any locations/activities they might enjoy? We will certainly do at least 1 day in Florence and 1 day in Sienna.

In Florence, I have read that the Palazzo Vechio might be fun for them. Are there other museums that might be interesting for kids?

We are also thinking about Lucca and Pisa (my younger niece really wants to eat Pizza in Pisa), Fiesole and Bomarzo

Also possibly the beach in Lovorno

Any suggestions/recommendations?



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Travelling with Pre-Teens


I have travelled throughout Tuscany with my nieces and nephews for several years - and I realize that what interests them isn't always the same as what catches my attention - however I have found a few places that satisfies both.

Sometimes they just need space to let out some of that pent up energy, and I found that the Suspension Bridge in Pistoia is just the place.

Another fun activity which gets them out moving and you enjoying the scenery is a ride (via horseback) through the Lucca area.

As far as museums go, one of my favorite for kids would be Palazzo Davazanti, it is a building which has been restored to show what it would have looked like to live there.

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