Choosing between Europa area or Giardino di Villa Strozzi area


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Hello friends,

I seek your opinion on where would be a good stay while visiting Florence for a young couple with a Car.

I'm trying to decide between the two areas aforementioned (both chosen outside ZTL). However despite looking into the areas I still don't know which side/site to choose. I'd greatly appreciate if you would please share your expertise and shed some light on this for me.

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You won't need the car while in Florence, so either area is good and if you find a place that offers parking as part of the deal, then that is even better. If you can avoid paying for street parking, you'll save some money.

I would say either area is fine, both are well connected to the center but.... being a young couple with no kids, I'd suggest the area around Villa Strozzi over Viale Europa area just because it is closer to the Oltrarno area. The Oltrarno area has lots of restaurants and places open in the evenings that you can get to by foot from via Pisana. I'd think you'd like to enjoy some night life so being closer would make it easier to enjoy, slightly more convenient.