Christmas 2022 concerts


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We are in Tuscany soon, 9-21 Dec 2022 and would love to see a really Christmassy concert in Firenze. Maybe orchestral, Christmas Carols or similar. Finding it difficult to find anything from online searches, does anyone know of anything please? We usually travel into Firenze on the train so something that doesn’t finish too late in the evening would be good. Thanks.


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I found The Christmas Carol at the Teatro Verdi - but you’ll have to consider it is in Italian.
As far as music goes they have the Harem Gospel Choir doing a tribute concert to Nina Simone so not Christmassy per se.

All of the Christmas concerts are on the 24th so after your dates, including at the Opera house. 😞
Thanks so much for looking into this for me. I’ll check them out, quite fancy The Christmas Carol in Italian (it’ll help me practice my language skills).