Cinque Terre to French Riviera


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Hi, my daughter and I will be traveling from Rome to Cinque Terre in early May and then from there to French Riviera, could be to Monaco or Nice. What is advice on making this trip. I was wondering if there is a boat from Cinque Terre to Nice area? We have limited time so want to make the most of it. Also any advice on which town to stay in would be great.



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I personally love Manarola the best, but also Vernazza is very charming.

You can travel to the French Riviera by train -- in that case, Monterosso is the best connected to trains to Genova and from there to Nice/Montecarlo.

I wasn't able to find any ferry info from CT to nice - they seem to go through Corsica or Sardinia from Marseilles/Toulon and then on to Genova.