Cinque Terre


I heard from your answer to Anna, that is possible to visit the 5 cities, all in one day, by train.
How can we do that.? We have to buy in Monterosso the train ticket
" andata/ritorno"/????

Please inform the hour of the last train that leaves Monterosso to Firenze.


PS. Is it possible top visit the cities by ferry??????

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Ciao Manoel,

We bought our round-trip tickets in Florence to Monterosso and back... if you start in Monterosso, yes, you would buy "andata e ritorno" there but since you're interested in the last train back to Florence, you should buy them in Florence before you leave to the Cinque Terre.

Then once you are in Monterosso (or any of the other towns), you'll find a National Park window/office at the train station that sells the day passes "Cinque Terre Card" that you'll need to get if you're planning to use trail #2 at any time (the most popular trail along the coast). There ARE checkpoints after each town along the trail that check for these passes. The proceeds from these cards go to pay for maintenance on the trails and the territory as well as provide the shuttle services and information points in the park.

The card is available for 1 day, 3 days or 7 days for kids, adults, over 70, and family. These are available in 3 types: first, the plain Cinque Terre Card that allows for use of the trail plus the unlimited use of the shuttles between the towns.

Then there is the card "+ Treno" version that adds the unlimited use of trains between the 5 towns.

And finally, the "+ Battello" which includes unlimited train AND ferry travel between the 5 towns.

If you want to visit the towns by ferry, when you go to buy the card just make sure to ask whether the weather for that day will permit visits to ALL of the towns by ferry. Sometimes if there is wind and the water is choppy, it is difficult for the ferry to enter into the small bays and it might not be possible to visit all of them.
The same goes for the trails, if for some reason parts of the trail are closed they will usually tell you but make sure to ask. There are additional trails to the #2 in the park but this is the most used as it follows the coast.
For more details about the cards, visit the national park page here:

As for the last train back to Florence: we bought round-trip tickets to Monterosso even if we weren't really sure where we'd board to go back to Florence. We actually got on the train in Riomaggiore but as this was further down the same line we were to pass, we were fine.

The last two trains from Monterosso to Florence SMN are at
7.24 pm with train change in La Spezia and arrival into Florence at 9.55pm
and absolutely last train at
9.03 pm with train change in Pisa and arrival into Florence SMN at 11.50pm

If you plan on catching the train at any other station, make sure to check the time of the return train early in the day (all train stations have a yellow departure schedule somewhere, the white one is for arrivals).

You can also check additional train schedules ahead of time at the official site here:

Remember, you can buy your train tickets once you're in Florence, there is no need to buy them before you get here.


Cinque terre

Ciao Lourdes,

Grazie per tu aiuta, questa orientazione va aiutarme molto.
Sorry for my poor Italian.

Al the best - Manoel


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You're very welcome...

... even if the Cinque Terre are alas not in Tuscany, we really enjoyed them and they are close enough to merit a visit from anyone who has a bit extra time while here. We learned a lot from our visit so it is not a problem to share some of the things we learned about the Cinque Terre with our DT forum members and visitors. :)