Climbing the Dome - but it's sold out!


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We are in Florence for Friday, Mar 30-Sun April 1 - Easter Weekend. I did not buy Dome tickets in time and now all the times are sold out for Friday and Saturday and it appears to be closed on Sunday. I am still going to buy the monument pass. However I was wondering if you have any tips for us to still get a chance to climb the dome even if all the time slots are sold. For example do we go first thing in the morning? Late in the date? I guess we are hoping that if we are there, maybe someone will miss their time, or that they may have extra openings for people who "walk up". Do you have any recommendations for me?

Thank you!
Renee Thomas


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They do have spots for "walk-ups" - go to the office first thing in the morning once you're here to buy your pass and book a time to climb up.