Cocktail bars and things to do in Viareggio?


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I am looking for the best cocktail bar in Viareggio to take a group of girls for a hen weekend?
What are the bars like in Viareggio?
Also, Is there much to do there?



The Tuscan Expert ;-)
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Sorry I can't be of much help as I don't know Viareggio and its night life personally to give you specific recommendations as to the bars.... but Viareggio and the entire Versilia coast is well known for its nightlife so you should not have a problem at all in finding something suitable for your friends and you to have lots of fun!

During the summer, the beach is the prime destination during the day... and definitely the bars along the boardwalk all turn into night time destinations for social get togethers, to dance and have fun so you will have lots to choose from.


Il Vialone della Darsena

Hello, an area rich in Cocktail Bars, Discopub and Clubs in Viareggio is "Vialone della Darsena". In that area are concentrated many clubs with free access so, when you will be in Viareggio i suggest you to ask information about this place. For the moment you can do a research on Google typing query as "Vialone della Darsena" or "Darsena Viareggio".