Combined Ticket for Brancacci and Palazzo Vecchio


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I understand that there is a combined ticket for entry into the Cappella Brancacci and Palazzo Vecchio. If I use the ticket at the Palazzo Vecchio on a Sunday, can I use the same ticket for entry to the Cappella Brancacci on the following Wednesday (3 days later)? Or is the ticket only good for same day entry to both locations?


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cumulative ticket valid 90 days!

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I called Palazzo Vecchio just now to make sure I gave you the right answer: I was told the cumulative ticket between Palazzo Vecchio and Capellla Brancacci is valid for up to 90 days!! I was quite surprised to learn this, I don't believe I've seen this type of validity on many tickets before.

So you shouldn't have any problems at all in getting into the Capella Brancacci 3 days later!

Hope you enjoy the visits, both Palazzo Vecchio and the Capella are beautiful.


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Reservation required for the Cappella Brancacci

I've visited the Cappella Brancacci recently and it's really amazing: don't miss seeing it!
However remember that to view the Cappella Brancacci you are still required to reserve a time slot to visit the Chapel. This is because in order to preserve the frescoes, only groups of a certain amount of people are allowed into the chapel for a total of 15 minutes, then you are asked to leave. If you've ever visited Leonardo's Last Supper in Milan, they do the same thing there.

Reservations required every day. To reserve call from 9.00-18.00
055/276.8224 or 055/276.8558
or stop by the church before and reserve at the ticket window.

The Cappella Brancacci is open from 10-17 weekdays.

Enjoy your visit to Florence!