Coming back!!


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Hi all,

We are planning a return trip to Tuscany in June 2012 for my birthday and we were wondering about any festivals that time of year. We will again be staying in Castellina and will have a car to get around in. Hope everyone is well,



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Events in Tuscany for next year

Welcome back on the forum Joe!
How are you?:)

It’s wonderful that you are planning a return trip for next year!
Tuscany is really beautiful, isn’t it? ;)

Actually, it’s a bit early to have a precise calendar of events for next year in Tuscany, especially for exhibitions.
Anyway, in order to have an idea you may refer to annual events and festivals taking place in June.

Here you can find the major ones all around Tuscany, while here the main events dedicated to the city of Florence.

We keep updating the calendar continuously, so I suggest you check it periodically.

You might then contact us again closer to the date so we can give more detailed information on all upcoming events.

Feel free to post again for any further suggestion,

Have a nice day!