Confined to wheelchair & accommodation help req


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My husband and l want to come in September to Tuscany we would have liked to fly in near Rome for 4 days & would req. wheelchair friendly & not too expensive place to stay, but is it too far to drive to Tuscany from there?
lf not Rome & Vatican then just 2 wks in Tuscany with hire car but don't know where's best to go in Tuscany for wheelchair - we like culture & beauty both art & scenery. As l don't drive a winery would be lovely :) ACCOMMODATION is the key for me [must be seat in shower or 'normal' bath where l could place my bath board across with hand held shower (one high on the wall is no good].
ls it possible to stay in 1 place and daily travel to places, if not then no more than 3 places preferably different types of accommodation - not boring modern hotels but not too expensive either. l know this is a great deal to ask & it maybe out of your area of knowledge but if you can help we'd be very grateful as we've not had a holiday for 7yrs.


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recommend accommodation in Chianti

Ciao Glitter,

Just replied to your other thread here so that a look there as well for suggestions to your questions. I'll try to reply to questions that I didn't cover in the other post.

Rome to Tuscany - the drive is about 3 hours.

As far as places to stay, read my other post - I highly recommend staying in Florence part of your stay, and then in the countryside at a farmhouse or villa. Many accommodations usually have an apartment or room equipped for disabled access: wider spaces around the bed, large bathroom with open shower stall (just curtain) so that you can place a chair inside for bathing.

I recommend you contact some of the places linked in the other post and ask directly what facilities they have for the bathroom, each one will vary.

If you wish, you could also spend the 2 weeks in one place and do day trips - in that case I'd suggest the countryside over Florence.
In terms of being central - I'd recommend Cabbiavoli, Podere Cunina, Tenuta Quadrifoglio, Villa Poggio di Gaville and Residence Santa Maria, all found here and also at that link shared in the other post.