confusion about Duomo opening hours and tickets


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I'm visiting Florence in early June and will pay a visit to the Duomo. I intend to visit the cathedral as well as climb the dome.
But I'm a little confused about the opening hours: according to the website, the cathedral is open from 10:00 am onwards, whereas the dome opens at 8:30 am.
The official website allows you to buy a ticket to climb the dome but you can only buy a ticket for entry after 10:00am.
My question(s): is the above information correct? IF the dome actually opens at 8:30 (and I assume this means, you can start climbing the dome from 8:30 onwards), why doesn't the site allow you to buy a ticket for an earlier hour? And lastly: what are your thoughts about going really early (as in, 8:30am!) and just wait in line without prebooking a ticket?

Thank you in advance!


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Yes, I checked and the info seems correct!

It seems that for some reason they won't allow you to book tickets before 10am.... but the cupola is open from 8.30am onwards.

So I'd suggest going to the cupola without a reservation, climbing up and then after visit the cathedral!
I think at that early hour the line should be very acceptable, if there's any! :)