Contacting Giardino Bardini (Bardini Gardens)


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I'm wanting to have wedding photography with photographer taken at Bardini gardens and wanted to inquire about any additional fee for using their grounds. I've tried contacting the Bardini gardens via their email on their website and contact form also on their website a week ago and I have not received any response. I am from the USA and what is the best way to get in contact with them? Or does anyone know if there is a separate "event" fee for photos? Your help is appreciated! 😊


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My first guess is that August might not be the best month to get in touch with the gardens - only because it is a busy month (with visitors and holidays) - somethings might just fall between the cracks...

However, with a quick phone call they told me as long as you don't want to take photos in the "protected" areas (like the steps) all you need to do is pay the entrance fee and you can roam about and take photos in all the normal areas.

If you want to go above and beyond, then they will need to assign someone to stay with you and that has an extra costs. She wasn't very precise and the amount could vary but she indicated that it shouldn't cost more than 500 Euro.

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