Contrade Parades Siena

Janet Hunter

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Do individual Contrade parades occur on days other than during the Palio? Is there a list of them for 2018? We saw one last year on Sunday 6/5/16 and wonder if they occur each Sunday.


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Some of their events are well programmed, and some are a bit "improvised" :cool:

But each "contrade" has its own calendar, which may (or may not...unfortunately the Italians are not so keen on giving ample notice for events :confused:) be advertised on their individual websites.

I found this link (and yes it is in Italian) but it has many links to the contrade official sites:

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Donna Denise


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Many of the parades take place more often as the Palio gets near, so in June and in July for sure. I am sure they practice during other times of the year but those are not on any specific schedules as they really aren't for the public and are considered practice sessions in preparation for the Palio events. Remember the Palio is a beloved local tradition and not something put on for show of visitors, so they aren't too keen in posting anything about what they do so that others can get involved. Each contrada considers itself a community and fierce loyalty is the norm -- people from Siena first of all belong to their contrada, then only after consider themselves Sienese, lastly Italian ;-).