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Me and my family are doing a 4-day trip in the Tuscany region. We thought it would be nice to take somewhere
one-day cooking class. I did a research for possible cooking classes however most of them seemed quite expensive (from 140-250$ per person) especially since we are 4 people.
Could you recommend not that expensive cooking class in the region or even for example in Florence?
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Ciao Poli,

You'll definitely find more classes on offer in Florence just because it is likely easier to organize classes there. Ones outside in the region are likely offered directly on a farmhouse or property and offered as demand requests them.

I found these you could look into, from 50-79 euro per person, all in Florence:
- Tuscan Cooking Class and Dinner in Florence
- Handmade Pasta Cooking Class in Florence
- Small Group Italian Cooking Class in Florence

Hope one of them fits into your budget and itinerary!!


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We did the class with Cook Eat Italian in central Florence. The groups are limited to six people (I just checked the 'small group cooking class' link above and they take groups of 20! Wow): Cook eat italian classes


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Hey, thanks a bunch for sharing the links! I'm about to move to Tuscany for about a month and eager to learn the cuisine through and through. I am a cook at that'd be a priceless experience :)
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The Tuscan Expert ;-)
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Donna, from the website it seems that classes are offered in both languages, I am pretty sure most of the request is from foreigners so English will be certainly offered!